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Join Lucy & Dan from Inclusive Change At Work CIC who will be discussing how to support disabled and neurodivergent employees to thrive at work.

How To Anchor Yourselves In Hard Times - TED Talk

How To Anchor Yourselves In Hard Times - TED Talk

Lucy's TED Talk about how to anchor yourselves in hard times. ...more

Events ,Case Story &managing change

June 03, 20249 min read

Taskmaster and Being Neurodivergent

Taskmaster and Being Neurodivergent

What's the connection with Taskmaster and being part of the neurodivergent community? ...more


May 23, 20246 min read

My Teenager Gave Up Their Smartphone

My Teenager Gave Up Their Smartphone

A post by Lucy Smith discussing the fact that her child wanted to give up their smartphone at the age of 14 for the benefit of their own mental health, and how social media and the internet as a whole... ...more

Digital Wellbeing ,Case Study

May 23, 20243 min read

The Castle Conference

Digital Wellbeing for Young People

Leigh Court, Bristol

Thursday 25th April 2024

Inclusive Change At Work CIC and Digital Safety CIC delivered the 2nd Castle Conference in partnership on 25th April 2024.

The day was an incredible event bringing together diverse organisations and incredible people together, all with one common goal.

To create change for wellbeing in young people in a digital world.


Digital Safety CIC

Digital Safety can provide a range of training services and consultancy. From one cyber security for non-profits to training for parents in your community.


Inclusive Change At Work CIC

Want to know more about neurodiversity in your community? We can help: from unlocking the potential in your teams to deepening awareness of safeguarding vulnerable people.

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