The Castle Conference

Digital Wellbeing for Young People

Leigh Court, Bristol

Thursday 25th April 2024

Wildscreen ARK Launch Party

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Wildscreen ARK Launch Party

Safeguarding young people in the digital age: Meet Andy Jarman from Digital Safety CIC

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Safeguarding young people in the digital age: Meet Andy Jarman from Digital Safety CIC

A crisis but not of their making

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A crisis but not of their making

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Digital Safety and Inclusive Change at Work Create Strategic Partnership

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Digital Safety and Inclusive Change at Work Create Strategic Partnership

Lucy Talks Digital Wellbeing with Radio Bristol

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Digital Wellbeing

January 18, 20242 min read

Lucy Talks Digital Wellbeing with Radio Bristol

Join us in Leigh Court on 25th April 2024 for a groundbreaking event delivered by Digital Safety CIC and Inclusive Change At Work CIC.

We will be bringing together a diverse group of professionals, educators, and experts in the field of digital wellbeing to address the pressing issues facing young people in the digital age.

The Castle Conference will feature an array of insightful speakers discussing topics that are at the forefront of our minds.

Online Safety, Mental Health, Social Media, Neurodiversity & Wellbeing, Addiction, Crime, Fraud, Gaming, Challenges for young people.

Jonathan from Cestra School talks about why The Castle Conference is so important.

Some of the topics covered at The Castle Conference

  • Digital Safeguarding

  • Access to explicit information

  • Sharing inappropriate images

  • The psychological impact on children

  • Our digital imprint

  • Supporting children, young people and parents/carers to make informed decisions

  • Mental health

Exhibitors & Sponsors

Would you like to exhibit at The Castle Conference, Bristol?

Could you "pay it forward" with a sponsorship donation to enable us to release free tickets to delegates?

Our venue at Leigh Court is the perfect place to meet and network with a community that want to hear about you, your products and services.

At our inaugural event in Lambton Castle, Durham our sponsors and exhibitors were able to network and connect with new audiences.

Adam Bolas, Founder Insinto & Digital Woof

Exhibitor at The Castle Conference, Lambton Castle discusses AI and Digital Safety for children and young people.

"It was not just another event. It was a deep dive into the profound impacts of digital realms of young people in an age where technology is intertwined with our daily lives, understanding its implications has never been more crucial.

The conference bravely ventured into some of the most challenging areas of discussion, from the heart-wrenching topics of suicide and self-harm, to the complexities of neurodiversity in the digital world.

These conversations, though tough, shed light on the pressing need to address the challenges faced by young individuals navigating the online world."


David Brown, If u care Share

"The speakers were phenomenal, the setting was glorious and the attention to detail was fantastic. A great day bringing together passionate people from all areas of digital safety and support for young people, definitely the start of some lifesaving, culture changing conversations. Proud to have been a small part of it all”


Mark Doherty, Orangebox Training

"The breadth of speakers, passion and topics addressed were enormous in terms of impact and for fuelling my personal fires. The opportunity to meet such a plethora of people, all of whom have a huge part to play in protecting young people from digital harms was of such gravity I felt a real ‘buzz’ to be there."


Oliver Mellor, Mind Of My Own

"What a fantastic day we have had. We have made some amazing contacts throughout the day and exchanged details to work together in the future. So very well organised with wonderful people and so much information from the speakers."


Angela Graham , Barclays Digital Eagles

"The turnout was fantastic and the organisation and guest speakers where phenomenal. The event gave us chance to network with other organisations and charities and we will follow up on our connections."


Fiona Corner, Pear Tree Projects

"An amazing day where I have made some fantastic contacts to liaise with our children. I did not know some of the agencies existed until now. Would love some input from Digital Safety to our children moving forward."


North East Business Resilience Centre

"A packed agenda with some really inspirational and touching speakers around some really important digital and online safety topics. Thankyou for having us, and we look forward to collaborating further in the future”

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