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My Teenager Gave Up Their Smartphone

My Teenager Gave Up Their Smartphone

A post by Lucy Smith discussing the fact that her child wanted to give up their smartphone at the age of 14 for the benefit of their own mental health, and how social media and the internet as a whole... ...more

Digital Wellbeing ,Case Study

May 23, 20243 min read

Rebecca's Message to Inclusive Change

Rebecca's Message to Inclusive Change

A message from Rebecca to Inclusive Change following her experience with us. ...more

Case Study

March 20, 20242 min read

My Access to Work Experience

My Access to Work Experience

My experience from unemployed to employed via Access to Work by Cameron Dicker ...more

Case Study

March 13, 20243 min read


Lucy from Inclusive Change delivered an insightful and captivating presentation at our event on social value and behaviour change. Her enthusiasm made her the perfect speaker to kick off the event and engage the audience from the beginning.

Event organiser

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